grinding rock salt

    equipment - What is the point of a salt mill? - Seasoned Advice- grinding rock salt ,I suspect it's just marketing I don't think there is much point unless you need to grind rock salt If you need a fine grained salt, buy table salt or a fine sea salt If you want coarser grain use a kosher salt or a coarse sea saltForum Thermomix - The best Thermomix recipes and community - ,5 May 2010 , Hi I know I could just try it but I don't want to damage anything! We use organic rock salt and I'd like to keep a supply of it ground for cooking etc So can Thermie help me out with this? TIA Narelle Logged.

  • I was given 2 bricks of pink salt What do I do with this? ,

    I have a granite set in my kitchen for grinding/powdering salt and spic Really great for , When the Blue Cleaver test kitchen received a lump of Himalayan pink rock salt as a gift, we were perplexed What is it? What will it.

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  • The Salt Debate: Himalayan "rock salt" is from Pakistan, and ,

    The worst offender is "Himalayan rock salt" (actually from Pakistan) that makes all kinds of beneficial claims as opposed to poor old table salt enwikipediaorg , A simple grinder is used to grind it to the desired texture

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  • Pink Himalayan Salt (Halite or Rock Salt) Grinding it in the ,

    Pink Himalayan Salt (Halite or Rock Salt) Grinding it in the Thermomix May 9, 2012 Have you ever heard of this Pink Himalayan Salt? I first found out about it a few months ago and am lucky enough to have a supplier at our local Farmers.

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  • Rocksalt [Will It Grind?]

    Grinding Notes: You will get some salt dust in the air when grinding Rocksalt, you may consider grinding this Rocksalt out side to avoid the strong scent Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill - Will It Grind.

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  • Best way to grind rock salt without salt grinder? : ,

    25 Oct 2014 , I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to crush or grind *large* chunks of rock salt I want to add kala namak to my chaat.

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  • Spices 101: Three Options for Grinding Spices | Simple Bites

    7 May 2010 , A simple tool is best for grinding spices; here are my recommendations for three different typ , Pulse a few tablespoons of rock salt through the grinder, discard and wipe clean This doesn't have to be done every time, but.

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